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Labour Rights in China

This is the core of IHLO's website and covers all relevant trends, events and issues that affect Chinese labour and the development of independent trade union movements inside China.

Choose from one of the sub-categories in the menu-bar above to navigate further or use the links / summaries below:

Working Conditions

This section covers occupational health and safety, wages, working hours and other relevant issues.

Workers' Strikes and Trade Union Rights

This section provides updates on strike cases and trade union rights issues in China.

Society and Welfare

This section covers labour related socio-economic issues such as the development of a social security and pension system, health care provision, general employment/ unemployment and retrenchment as well as social trends.


This section looks at the history and development of the All China Federation of Trade Unions and its internal relationship to workers and the state and externally its relationship with trade unions globally.


This section provides a brief overview of the main industrial sectors in China.


This section looks at the areas where globalisation impacts on Chinese labour including WTO membership issues, privatisation and multinational corporations.


Law and regulations

This section looks at the major labour related law and regualtions and provided comments and analysis on important labour law reforms.

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