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Worker and Trade Union Rights in China


This section provides updates on strike cases and trade union rights issues in China.


Wu Guijun still detained after the second hearing April 2014
Criminalising Wu Guijun and Challenges in Enforcing the Criminal Procedure Law March 2014
Branch Union at Walmart Store in Hunan Province Appeals for Help March 2014
IBM and Nokia Punished Strikers March 2014
Criminal Liability for Taking Part in Strikes and Petitions in China March 2014
Wu Guijun’s Case in First Hearing February 2014
Wu Guijun will be brought to court hearing on 17 February, 2014 February 2014
Unfair Labour Practices Against the Worker Leaders Go Unchecked in China October 2013
Workers in HPH’s Yantian Port in Shenzhen Gained RMB1700 after Strike September 2013
Unions and Collective bargaining in Yantian Ports September 2013
Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in China 2013 July 2013
Criminalisation of the Strike Leaders in Guangdong province June 2013
The minimum Wage Fixing Mechanism in China and its Inadequacy June 2013
New Direction in the Minimum Wage Policy in China June 2013
Employment and Wage Conditions of Migrant Workers under the Statutory Minimum Wage System in Shenzhen June 2013
A Political Economic Analysis of the Strike in Honda and the auto parts industry in China July 2010

The Suicide Tragedies of Chinese Migrant Workers at Foxconn

May 2010
Economic crisis and job losses in China: Blame victims, threaten crackdown May 2009
Update on the labour unrest at Gold Peak’s JetPower Plant in Shenzhen - Two women workers placed on mandatory ‘long term leave’ after staging a sit in at JetPower April 2009
Baoding workers : Thousands march on Beijing April 2009
Portraits of workers without Jobs March 2009
100 percent unionization by December 2009 – ACFTU to go direct to MNC headquarters February 2009
Huang Qingnan: Lawyers and supporters denied entry to court January 2009

Trade union concerns update: People’s Republic of China November 2007 – November 2008

November 2008

Guangdong Provincial Trade Union suspends collective wage negotiations

November 2008

Shenzhen Yunnan strike: “Industrial Strikes should be allowed to help build Harmonious Labour Relations”

October 2008
Two different accounts of parent’s protests at the Juyuan school – self censorship? Different views? Different protest? June 2008
Sackings at Wal-Mart: Global restructuring or avoiding the new Contract Law? December 2007
Dongguan issues Standard Labour Contract: Workers to be sacked for industrial action December 2007
The New Contract Law : Opportunities and Threats December 2007
ITUC protest letter to President Hu Jintao regarding Li Guohong being sent to "re-education through labour" camp December 2007
ITUC protest letter regarding the brutal attack on workers representative Huang Qingnan December 2007
Control over NGOs in China : A case study of two December 2007

Thousands protest At Alco Electronics factory, South China

December 2007
Education: Apathy and exploitation stifle a key profession November 2007
ITUC Condemns brutal attack on Workers representative November 2007
New China Labour Bulletin Report on Collective Contracts and the consultation process November 2007
Workers strike in Shenzhen - strike planned by management? September 2007
Child labour and “work experience” in China – the blurred lines of illegality August 2007
The Deaths of 21 Chinese cockle pickers in the UK: A “made-in-China and consummated-in-Britain tragedy” - update on families August 2007

The New Draft Contract law of China: Resistance versus reform but no freedom

June 2007
New free to view documentary on Chinese migrant workers June 2007
China Labour Bulletin: The shortcomings of China's Draft Employment Law May 2007
Welcome release from detention for Stella Shoe Factory Workers - criminal charges remain January 2005
On Labour Shortages April 2005
HIV/AIDS in China: A workers issue October 2004
1989-2004 June 4 Anniversary 15 Years of Struggle May 2004
Sacked Hotel Workers Organise Desperate Protest March 2004
International Women's Day 2004: A snapshot of the issues facing migrant women workers March 2004
Dead in the Sand: Racism, Greed and Tragedy in the UK February 2004
"Use the Law as Your Weapon!": Institutional Change and Legal Mobilization in China January 2004
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