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China in the World

This is a new section which covers the increasing role of China and Chinese companies abroad. It looks at the importation of Chinese labour and labour practices in developing and developed countries as well as its investment abroad. It also looks at the Chinese government's use and relations with International bodies such as the UN and the ILO while also covering foreign workers inside China. More to follow shortly [September 2007]


Recent Reports

In this section you will find different reports and articles about China's overseas investments, the exportation of Chinese labour practices as well as other articles dealing with this issue.

International Chinese Coal Projects

2010-2012 Top Chinese Contractors

2010 MOFCOM Statistical Bulletin of Chinese Overseas Investments

China in Africa

China, the “world’s factory”, has started to move the factory floor off shore. Driven by a growing need for raw materials, an increasing consumer base and a desire to invest profits made over the last decade, the Chinese Government, as well as private Chinese companies, are looking to invest outside of China. In particular, China and Chinese companies are investing heavily in Africa.



China in Latin America

Chinese interests have focused on Latin America only recently, and while the United States is still the leading partner in trade with most of the countries to its south, China is certainly aiming to challenge that position. A landmark visit in 2004 by President Hu Jintao to Brazil, Argentina, Venezuela, and Cuba, as well as his promises of up to US$100 billion (€74.4 billion) and $20 billion (€14.8 billion) in investment to Brazil and Argentina respectively, demonstrate how serious China’s goals in the region are.

China in Asia-Pacific

Five new reports are released to update the scale, diversity and practices of Chinese companies in the Asian region, including Laos, Cambodia, Indonesia, Malaysia and Burma.

Dispute Cases of Chinese Overseas Investments


more coming soon....

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