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Welcome to the IHLO

The IHLO is the Hong Kong Liaison Office of the international trade union movement. Our aim is to support the international trade union movement in Hong Kong and to monitor trade union rights and labour developments in China. Read more...

International Solidarity

Information and reports from the International Trade Union Confederation and other trade unions, ITUC affiliates and Global Union Federations

Reports to the ILO and UNHRC on China 2013 [new]

Worker and Trade Union Rights in China

The core of IHLO's website covering all relevant trends, events and issues that affect Chinese labour and the development of independent trade union movements inside China.

ITUC has just released the Global Rights Index 2014. China is rated 5 as ‘the worst countries in the world to work in’ where workers have no effective access to legally protected labour and trade union rights, and are exposed to autocratic regimes and unfair labour practices. [Read the report]


The New Draft of Collective Bargaining Regulation is Up for Legislation in Guangdong Province

The latest revision of the provincial regulation on collective bargaining in Guangdong province was released in March 2014, and expected to be tabled in the provincial people’s congress for passing within this year. The legislation process was hurdled by high profile opposition from Hong Kong employers, see (http://www.ihlo.org/LRC/Laws/250514-1.pdf) and criticisms from the labour community for legalizing the current punishments of strikers (http://www.ihlo.org/LRC/Laws/250514-2.pdf)


Wu Guijun still detained after the second hearing

I should not be sitting on the defendant's seat today, but those unscrupulous capitalists, malicious bosses and bureaucrats.”                          - Wu Guijun

“Wu Guijun is not guilty, if justice is with us.”              - Pang Kun

campaign image for workers memorial day 2006


Branch Union at Walmart Store in Hunan Province Appeals for Help

Walmart has been planning to downsize their presence and close down the store at Chengde city of Hunan province. The branch union at Chengde store is representing its members for due compensation and involving the district FTU for support in every step it makes. Walmart agrees to pay the legal severance to workers, but not any economic compensation which the branch union claims for lack of a due procedure in closing down a company. Under the Labour Law, the employer should give one-month’s prior notice and consult the union before contract termination, retrenchment or deciding a re-structuring package.


IBM and Nokia Punished Strikers


Criminal Liability for Taking Part in Strikes and Petitions in China


Wu Guijun's Case in First Hearing

campaign image for workers memorial day 2006

Striking is Not a Crime, Free WU Guijun Campaign

WU Guijun, a migrant worker has been detained for more than 130 days now for taking part in strikes against the relocation of the factory he worked in. Wu is likely to be charged by the government for “assembling a crowd to disturb public order”. IUF has launched an online signature campaign to call for his release.


Twelve security workers from First Hospital of Guangzhou University of Chinese Medicine are still under criminal detention for more than 50 days. They went on strike and petitions together with the casualised healthcare workers since May.


campaign image for workers memorial day 2006

Hong Kong Campaigners called for an end to Sandblasting in China


A report on producing merchandise for the London 2012 Olympic games.


Details on current IHLO, GUF, ITUC or other related campaigns.

China and the world

Chinese investment abroad; exportation of Chinese labour and its labour practices

Chinese investment practices in Latin America [new]

Chinese investment practices in Asia [new]

Map of Violation Cases Associated with Outward Chinese Investments[new]

Hong Kong & Macau

Labour related issues and events in the Hong Kong and Macau Special Administrative Regions.

Detained Labour activists

Labour activists and others detained for their alleged involvement in worker protests and the struggle for freedom of association in China.

List of detained labour activists 2014 [new]


Six Trade Associations in Hong Kong Opposed to Collective Bargaining Legislation in Guangdong Province

Criminalising Wu Guijun and Challenges in Enforcing the Criminal Procedure Law

Household Registration is the Obstacle to Urbanisation

Statutory Minimum Wage Grew by 18% in 2013 but Wage Growth for Migrant Workers Has Slowed Down

Influx of illegal workers from South Asia to alleviate labour shortage in China

List of detained labour activists 2014

Brief Analysis of the Draft Regulation on Collective Negotiation of Guangdong Province

Guangdong Provincial Regulation on Collective Negotiation and Collective Contract Draft
Released by Guangdong Provincial People’s Congress

Foxconn Workers’ Open Letter to the Trade Union for Nightshift Allowance

Unfair Labour Practices Against the Worker Leaders Go Unchecked in China

MOHRSS Released the Draft Regulation on Agency Work for Public Consultation

China Education Policy Briefing – Reforms on the Wages and Mobility of Public School Teachers

Life Employment of public school teachers in China is Coming to an end

Workers in HPH’s Yantian Port in Shenzhen Gained RMB1700 after Strike

Unions and Collective bargaining in Yantian Ports

Freedom of Association and Collective Bargaining in China 2013

Criminalisation of the Strike Leaders in Guangdong province

The Minimum Wage Fixing Mechanism in China and its Inadequacy

New Direction in the Minimum Wage Policy in China

Employment and Wage Conditions of Migrant Workers under the Statutory Minimum Wage System in Shenzhen

TUC calls for Chinese government action regarding to the death of Li Wangyang

Double-handed Policy on Labour NGOs in Shenzhen Called Suspicion on the Social Administration Reform

Social Reforms Launched in Guangdong Province to Address New Contradictions

ACFTU Pledges to Unionise Agency Workers

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